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About The Prologger

What is the Prologger?
The Prologger is a wideband o2 data logger, boost controller, fuel remapper, and nitrous oxide controller with digital tachometer display and programmable outputs. The Prologger is also a wideband o2 controller compatible with most aftermarket engine management systems. It consists of real-time monitoring of air/fuel ratio, RPM’s, and boost/vacuum on a big super-bright LED display. It is like having four digital playback gauges in one.

What does it do?
Total stand alone data logging and playback of air/fuel ratio, RPM’s, elapsed time, and manifold pressure in 1/10 second increments. The Prologger will control conventional or delta p style racegate turbo systems. It will also control multiple stages of nitrous oxide with failsafe lean parameters you can program into the unit. Melted pistons due to lean conditions are a thing of the past. There is NO need to get out the laptop as it is NOT REQUIRED FOR SETUP OR FUNCTIONALITY.

Where would you use Prologger?
The possibilities are endless; performance tuning, drag racing, circle track, road racing, off road, motorcycle, sport compact, speed shop tuning, etc.

How is it made?
The Prologger is manufactured from an industrial grade black anodized aluminum housing made to withstand the harsh environment of 3000 horsepower engines. The inside components are made with state of the art surface mount technology manufactured by an ISO 9001 company, all American made.

How hard is it to install?
The Prologger comes with the controller, wideband oxygen sensor, wiring harness, relay and bung for installing the sensor. Depending upon your resources most installations take less than two hours. The kit includes a detailed installation and instruction manual.

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