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Prologger FAQ's

Can I run a PROLOGGER with race gas?

Yes you can run any fuel with your Prologger. The owners manual gives tips and a chart on how to tune your motor using different types of fuel.

What comes with a PROLOGGER kit?

When you purchase a   basic Prologger kit you receive 1 Prologger, 1wideband o2 sensor and harness,   1 wiring harness, 1 relay, 1 O2 bung. This is everything you need to install a Prologger and use it for basic wideband data logging. If you purchase a Boost Kit with your Prologger you will also get a solenoid valve and a three bar map sensor with a complete set of Weatherpac plugs for installation.

Can my PROLOGGER be installed on a 16 volt race system?

Yes the PROLOGGER can reliably handle any voltage from 8 to 24 volts.

Is my PROLOGGER compatible with my aftermarket stand alone ECM?

Yes you can use the PROLOGGER in place of any aftermarket ECM that has a wideband option. You just simply configure one of your outputs for wideband switching and feed that into your ECM wideband input.

Does my PROLOGGER need free air calibration?

No free air calibration is old technology. The PROLOGGER uses the latest most accurate technology in the trade today for the most accurate wideband reading available. The end result accurate readings without having to crawl under your car on a regular basis.

Does my PROLOGGER need a key on 12v source?

No the Prologger automaticly comes on when it sees a tach signal and turns off 5 minutes after the tach signal goes off. So when you start your car your prologger is on.

Can my Prologger be used on a carbureted motor?

Yes the prologger is a great tuning tool for any carbureted or injected motor. From 1 to 16 cylinders.

Will the Prologger replace my factory o2 sensor?

The factory o2 can be replaced using your PROLOGGER and you can then use one of the outputs to do the narrow band switching signal for the factory ecm. If you choose to use your prologger this way you can alter the narrowband signal going into the ecm to adjust your fuel delivery. You can also leave your factory o2 sensor in place and use the supplied bung and install the wideband separate from the factory narrowband o2.

Do I need a laptop to log data?

The Prologger does not use a laptop in any way shape or form. All data is logged and stored in the PROLOGGER. This way no matter where you are you can log and play back data with out needing a laptop or expensive communication cables.

What is never lean Technology?

Neverlean Technology is a patent pending technology that allows you to control your boost in a turbo application or nitrous with rich/lean parameters. What this means is if your engine runs lean beyond the pre determined rich lean parameters that you set up yourself the PROLOGGER the shuts down your nitrous and or your boost control.

What are window switches used for?

Window switches are switched out puts that are user configurable. They can be used to do many things such as shift/ warning lights, control nitrous or boost, control Honda and Nissan v-tec shift points. Or anything you would like to turn on or off in relation to rpm, boost, or airfuel ratio.


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